Going forward from here on out.

Hello! I hope you are all doing well. Well, since my last update, both CyberConnect and F E V E R were released. Two, companion albums for TROLL/EYE and 1996/1996 XP. With all that being said, this marks the end of an era. TROLL/EYE/FEVER are now grouped together in what i’m now calling Album 1.0. 1996/1996 XP/CyberConnect are grouped under Album 2.0. So, to break it down here’s what it looks like. –

Album 1.0 – TROLL
Album 1.1 – EYE
Album 1.2 – FEVER

Album 2.0 – 1996
Album 2.1 – 1996 XP
Album 2.2 – CyberConnect

So, this means technically I only have two full-length studio albums. The 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 are just extended, enhanced, and re-packaged editions of the 1.0 and 2.0 albums. Which is true.

Now, what’s that mean for the future? Well, my next release will most definitely be Album 3.0. Whenever that will release is ultimately up in the air. Nothings set in stone, I really haven’t been working on it. I’ve wrote new songs but I have no clue what the concept, etc. will be. So, considering the two-year time-lapse it took to create “1996” from “TROLL” it will take time. The past few years have been pretty tough when it comes to “writers block” – which also explains why the .1, .2 albums even exist. I’ll let you know, obviously, with any new news!

Until then, please enjoy the albums i’ve released! You can find them anywhere on streaming services. Also, i’d like to do something (or release something, at least – just something small, nothing major) in June since June 1 is my birthday but who knows?