Operating System Sounds, Pt. II is coming!

Hello! I hate to announce it so soon (considering my last album just came out over the fall) but Operating System Sounds, Pt. II is coming this spring with a tentative date of March of this year. Over the summer of 2021 when I was in the early stages of creating Operating System Sounds, I was wondering what type of sound I was going to go for with my third album. The inspiration draws heavily on old music soundtracks I listened to on Windows 95-era video games when I was younger. You might not hear it but it’s what I got the creativity from.

OSS at this point was always a duo-album. I had enough material to make at least two albums. It was just a matter of what was going to be on the first album. Thus, OSS, Pt. II is here. It contains music that did not make the first album along with new tracks as well.

I am more than likely going to make it just a whole album trilogy but that will take some time as I have no more music left over from the first albums drafts.