The website is back online!

It’s been a minute, yeah? Well, I had to migrate to my new host this month. I also had to start from scratch as none of my backups actually migrated correctly. So, I had to re-create every page, graphic, text, etc. So, that took a while. With all that being said, everything should be displaying properly as of today.

With all that out of the way, on to other news. Era 3 (Album 3.0) is officially in development! I can’t announce anything else right now but look forward to it next year! 2022! Look forward to it!

Music is temporarily taken down.

I apologize in advance but I have temporarily taken down my music on streaming platforms (Spotify, YouTube Music, etc.) My music is still available on YouTube, SoundCloud and BandCamp. The reasoning is because I wanted to digitally re-master all my music and re-upload everything back. I have done such and all my music has been processed to be re-uploaded. My music should be back on all streaming music sites early next week. Monday at the earliest. Thank you for waiting!

Update: I am happy to announce that my music is now back on online streaming platforms and completely remastered! Thank you for waiting!